Sunday, 20 December 2009

Lucky Me!

I won Karin Bartimole's blog give away. I feel so lucky, and I love the recycled theme and ethical ethos behind the give away. Christmas tree decorations made from recycled bottle tops and other materials, paper that contains seeds and can be planted (wow, I love!), A hand made book made from recycled cereal boxes, I will certainly have fun journaling in that. Some surprise art goodies, and a gift from Unicef where the proceeds go towards helping save the lives of children.

Thank you Karin. This year, Christmas has been all about ethical spending and environmentally friendly, and home made gifts so I am delighted with Karin's offerings.

I love Karin's artwork, I find the way that Karin is able to paint feelings and physical sensations unique. Please visit Karin at BEYOND WORDS to see what I mean. You won't be disappointed!

If you are intrigued by paper that contains seeds to be planted you may like this little Welsh company that sells Sheep Poo Paper! Yes it sounds gross, but it is clean and sterile, made from sustainable sources that leaves our precious trees be, and some of it contains wildflower seeds that can be used to plant when the paper is no longer in use. I get a real kick out of the idea that you can send wedding invites on this paper :)

For those of you that have not entered my Blog Give Away, there is still time. The draw will be made tomorrow. Don't forget that it is possible to get extra entries by becoming a follower of Made4Aid, sporting a Made4Aid button on your blog and writing a post sign posting your readers to Made4Aid. Read HERE for further a details and leave a comment to enter.

The prize will be worth it! You can choose between a piece of felted jewelry, a scarf or a scarfette that will be made especially for the winner using their choice of colours.

Thank you :)


Martine said...

Yes you are a lucky girl.
I hopped over to Karin's blog, what beautiful christmasadornments she makes.
Yes i know papers that contain seeds. I have papers that contain poppyseeds and always write birthday wishes on it for friends.
Have a nice sunday Jasmine.

Jasmine said...

You have a good Sunday too Martin, and if I dont see you on the web beforehand, have an amazing Christmas and New Year xx

sue said...

cool gifts.. what a nice treat :)
love the idea of seed paper, never heard of that before..planting wishes and watching them grow!
hope you enjoyed your night away xx

Caio Fernandes said...

gratulations Jasmine .
and you are really encarnating the christimas spirit here !!
great !!

Shadow said...

wow, what a lovely gift!

Assayya said...

these are wonderfull gifts.
especially this time of the year,it is so nice to send and receive gifts from the heart:))

Lickety Splitter said...

Hello Jasmine ... congratulations on the lovely win. I hope your family and you have a Merry Christmas!

merci33 said...

Congratulations Jasmine
Karin is an eco-expert and her collection will be a gift that keeps on giving...very lovely.