Friday, 15 October 2010



Cooling, Refreshing
Quenching, Cleansing, H2O
Sustaining LIFE, Creating Life, Water
Wonderful, Gurgling, WATER. Babbling
Hydrating, Trickling, Raining, Precipitating,
Life,Perspiring, Irrigating, Bathing, Swimming,
Washing, WATER. Droplets, Tears, Saline, Serum,
Drinking, Sustaining, Watering, Soothing, Water
Flowing, Tidal, Salt Bodies of Water, Brooks, Seas
Streams, Rivers, Oceans, Estuaries, Reservoirs
Canals, Ponds, Lakes, Transport, Sport, LIFE,
Sustaining Water, Monsoons, Kissing the
Soul, Nurturing, Life Giving Water
LIFE Begins With Fresh

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Peace Felt

Here is the Peace Felt that I received from mixed media Fibre Artist Sharen Eninger. I love the hessian and different textures. Thank you Sharen.

If you wanted to know what happened to the Peace Flags that I made, then please visit Robin Joy Andreae and her amazing needle felted animals.

Friday, 8 October 2010

A Crown of Autumn Leaves

When autumn gathers, the tree

That the leaves sang

Reddens dark slowly, then, suddenly free,

Turns like a key,

Opening air where they hang

Felt by Yvette Cals
Poetry by Annie Finch