Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Last chance to enter submissions for the 'Festival of The Trees' May edition

Image borrowed from Flickr.
Please click on the image to visit the photographer.

Submissions for the May edition of 'Festival of The Trees' were due today but I am happy to accept any submissions before 1st May. The theme is Maypole and Beltane but any tree inspired post will be considered.

All are welcome xJ


Martine said...

This tree looks great.
I would love to join but due to lots of work its impossible. Look forward to see the picks though.
Indigoseeds......... where did you get them? I like to try growing them.

Jasmine said...

Hi Martine. I bought my indigo seeds here:

They took over a week to post the order but when they did, it arrived the next day and i was very pleased with the outcome of the Barberry Bark. I threw in some old rags to the last of the water just to be sure to use it all up. I found that the rag that had had linseed oil on soaked the colour so well. Really intense.

You take care and don't work too hard xxJ

Tammie Lee said...

This is one amazing braid/may pole - photo!
I look forward to participating in this with you~

Jasmine said...

Hi Tammie, I look forward to you joiningh in. This Maypole is great isn't it? The best picture I have seen. I can't remember my flickr sign in details or i would have left a message for the photographer. xxJ

Healing Woman said...

Oh gosh! I hope my Grandmother Tree is selected. Would be so honored.

Elizabeth Rimmer said...

Nice to see you back, Jasmine - I hope your grandmother is getting better.
here is a tree poem. It was published in Poetry Scotland a couple of years ago. I hope you like it!

Birch Tree Englyn

Seed tree, weed tree, the shining silver birch
grows in the waste places.
Pioneer on the peat hags –
forest trees root in its wake.

Fiona said...

One month I will try to join you.

Jasmine said...

Cheryl, your submission will definitely be in. I love your tree spirits xJ

Elizabeth, thank you so much for the poem. i will include that too xJ

Fiona - Your contribution will be welcome xJ

dorie said...

Hi Jasmine, like to see the results and sorry I won't be a participant-I'am on holidays. The header on your blog is amazing - I start wondering is this real....?

Jasmine said...

Hi Dorie, Thank you. Yes the header is real. I took my daughter to an easter egg hunt at the Botanical Gardens a short while ago. The picture is of the Magnolia tree. It must be over a hundred years old to be so big. The buds were hust amazing I had to photograph it.

Enjoy your holidays xxJ

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Sounds amazing! I won't be able to participate this year, but maybe next. I'll check in to see all the lovely submissions. :) Theresa

Jasmine said...

Thank you Theresa, The Festival of the Trees is a monthly blog carnival. You are more than welcome to participate in future editions :)

Karena said...

What a great idea and so happy I found your site. I would love to join in another time. I will have a new post up on Suday about my upcoming event, come and visit!

Art by Karena

GreenWhisper said...

Hi Jasmine:) Beltane Blessing to you.. have a wonderful weekend. sue xx

Karin Bartimole said...

What a great photo! I'm sure this will be an amazing honoring of, and festival for the Trees - I look forward to seeing all the submissions. xo

Jasmine said...

Karena - Thank you. I will pop over to see you on Sunday.

Sue - So lovely to see you again. Have an inspiring Beltane xJ

Karin - Always a pleasure to see you. I hope all is well and Spring is treating you kindly xxJ

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Jasmine

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog today! I'm glad you enjoyed my magnolia tree photos.
Would you like to like it to your festival of trees?

Ester Wilson said...

can I squeak in before the end of April?

Jasmine said...

Pat & Ester, thank you, your posts have now been included.

yvette said...

I'm sorry month I'll try to post....queensday is the birthday of our queen.