Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Inspirational Forests

Stepping into a forest

Stepping into a dream

Reflecting lakes

Textures of moss, lichen and bark

Enchanting birdsong

A breath of life

This months Festival of the Trees is being hosted by Suzi of Spirit Whispers

To enter a post please email your posts weblink to:

suziscribbles [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk


Valerianna said...

A sweet forest.... I love the pinecones on the trunk, is that a particular kind of conifer? I've never seen cones coming off the trunk... as opposed to the branches.

Janine said...

Love you wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them! That tree with the pinecones...they grow like that on the bark?

Suzi Smith said...

that's beautiful J... only a few hundred more pics to post eh, lol!! Thanks for the mention, i'm enjoying ferreting around for stuff to include x

Barb said...

What a delightful forest - makes me homesick!

Tammie Lee said...

lovely forest photos
i have never seen pine cones on the side of a tree trunk before, usually on the branches. lovely week to you.

LauraX said...


joanne May said...

Hi Jasmine,
Very beautiful images of trees... Just seeing this forest on your blog brings peace of mind and a calmness to the heart and soul.
Have a lovely Easter weekend my friend!

Sweet Blessings,
Jo. xx

Barb Forrister said...

Jasmine, I love seeing your photos. They are so beautiful! I wish that I had the forethought to send something to you for the Festival of Trees, such a wonderful tribute.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Absolutely enchanting! Theresa

Jasmine said...

Valerianna - I have never seen pine cones grow like this before either. I have been trying to find the name on the tree on the internet but no joy. Its bewautiful isn't it. I only have a pocket sized tree guide but my dad will be visiting tomorrow so I will see if he has anything more detailed for me to look in x

Jane - Thank you. Yes they grow like that. Gorgeous aren't they. They were in a hidden swampy part of the forest and at first i was attracted by the directional contrast of the trees. There were many that had fallen over or were leaning at extreme angles. My friends dogs loved it there, they just ran and ran bouncing around in circles x

Suzi - Luckily for everyone else the battery ran out on my camera just as I reached this part of the forest. I will have to go back and take more pictures another day. Good luck with your festival ;) x

Barb - It is beautiful. It is home to the Anglesey red squirrel that has unique genes making them different to all other red squirrels in Europe. I have yet to see one x

Tammie - Me neither. I loved them. Have a wonderful week end sweet lady x

Laura - Thank you :)

Joanne = Thank you. We are expecting beautiful sunshine all Easter. Maybe i will dye some egggs. Have a magical time xx

Barb - Thank you. I am sure the Festival would love to see some of your beautiful tree textiles and art. Your work is wonderful.

Theresa - Thank you. Have a wonderful Easter :)

Róisín said...

This was such a magical post! Your photos are simply beautiful, I feel like I've just come in from a walk in the woods. Thank you!

T said...

your forest is incredibly inspirational jasmine.... what a journey through it... thanks


Anonymous said...

Oh, I do find the woods a magical place to be.

A wonderful series of shots!

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful photo's.x

sue said...

oh..i just stepped into the forest with you..magical..thankyou : )

your pics are gorgeous. sorry i haven't been in touch. we havent been over to the Island for such a long time..i miss it..other commitments taking up much spare time! will be intouch soon. have a great weekend sweet lass.. xx

Momo Luna said...

Oh such delicious photographs!!! I haven't been in the woods for awhile, but i promissed myself to take a walk in the woods this weekend! :-)
The woods always bring joy and calms me down.

Sweet greetz to you Jasmine!

Clytie said...

Hi, I'm visiting you from the Festival of Trees - what a beautiful forest you brought us to here! It makes me want to go for a long walk in the woods!

John Valenty said...

Wow, these photos truly showcase the beauty of nature!