Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The dome has begun to green up a little and I have been planting out lots of bulbs seeds and seedlings around the entrance to the dome. I' ve even divided and taken cuttings from some of my herbs and flowers so when my little girl is playing in her dome she will be surrounded by colour and fragrance. A lot of the plants are good companion plants for a vegetable plot and some are culinary, sources of natural dye and healing too. There is sweet pea, sunflower ,enula, borage, cornflower, marigold, iris, sweet cicely, nasturgeons, daffodil, fennel, oxeye daisy and chocolate mint. Next I will have to hang the pirate bunting on the inside of the dome and the Jolly Roger flag to the wall behind the swing.

I managed to squeeze in a little time to finish off the tunnel yesterday. I wanted to create a sensation like climbing down the rabbit hole when entering the tunnel for the willow dome. The tunnel is curved and taller at the entrance and considerably smaller at the point which it meets the dome.