Friday, 12 June 2009

Delightful distractions

So, right now, I'm throwing myself into the ARt of distrACTION
As I see
the wonderful art of all of the blogs I follow

My mind whirs with creative ideas
I'm glad I still have my feet felt kit
I look forward making my own feet felt installation

I can't thank
Yuli Somme, Felting Your Soul and Aotearoa Feltsisters
For introducing me to this magic

Felt touches my soul x


ArtSparker said...

Looking forward to seeing your feet posts when the project is further along. I am at present attempting to turn an old sweater into felt...I have a plan.

Happy walking/felt-making.

Jasmine said...

Yay, that sounds fab ;o)

You must let me know how you get on with stripping a sweater back to its natural source material.

Manya Maratou said...

hallo Jasmine thanks for following. I came to your blog yesterday and I have been reading it in small doses..the previous post is very generous, thanks for posting
I told stories today and most of them where about losing loved ones, the theme was love. I think my telling was sweeter (less harsh?) from reading your blog. quite a few people came up to me with tears, thanking me... I wish you were there, (and understood Greek!!) so I send hugs and hugs

Manya Maratou said...

p. s. that wool looks so much neater and cleaner than mine! plunge..

Jasmine said...

Thank you Manya, thats really kind of you.

I love your blog bye the way. I havn't worked with felt before, I'm really looking forward to using some of your tips and having an experiment. Thought I'd wait until the end of the month though as have a dearly missed friend visiting from Seattle for a few weeks. Thought the feet felt kit would be something fun we could do together.

Thanks for the hugs too, you can never ave too many hugs ;o) Here's me sending hugs to you too oOo

india said...

i was introduced to felt when through serendipity a friend posted me Mary Burkett's excellent book "the Art of the Feltmaker" and on the same day it arrive through the mail a local farmer wandered in with a bag of black wool, saying "they say you're arty, you might like this". that was back in 1991, before i kept sheep...
that night i made felt wrapped around a rolling pin while bathing the children. they thought it hilarious.
basically anyone who has accidentally washed a fine wool garment on a hot cycle in the washing machine is an expert feltmaker and will appreciate all the conditions necessary for making felt....the miracle is that [most of the time] wool doesn't actually form felt while on the sheep's back

Jasmine said...

Thats a lovely story India, thank you :)

I'm really looking forward to making things. I'm also really looking forward to hearing if Artsparker manages to return old woolen jumpers back into raw wool for felt making...

That would add a new lease of life to recycling and charity shopping wouldn't it!

Your courses in Australia sound wonderful, shame they don't translate to online courses...

Take care.

ArtSparker said...

Here is a peek of felt made from washing old sweaters:

Jasmine said...

That site is fab. I love the rich colours. Thanks for the link.

aliza said...

it's amazing that i just came back from meeting with a fellow babylost mama who got me some felt. we sat in the park for two hours felting! not something i generally do, i've only made one other thing and that was a different technique and years ago....she introduced me to it because it has been therapeutic for her since she lost her babies.

also, i love your shield