Saturday, 13 June 2009

My Shield

My shield is defender of the times
Chronicling injustice or the wonderfully sublime
Fashioned with metal, crafted with chips
Riding the ages peaks and dips

My shield is nonviolent yet shoots and protests
My shield shows a glimpse of what the future can manifest
My shield documents, exposing untruths, unrest

My shield defends against the greed of 'The Man'
Challenges corruption with the ferocity of a Titan
Digitally enhanced, microscopically clear
Delving deeper, zooming in on our fears

My shield allows us a safe distance from harm
Twice removed from might of arms
My shield acknowledges this moment in time
Reminds us to walk gently, behold nature's decline

My shield shows me the magic, the humour, the love
Reminds me of a life that fits like a glove
My shield shares memories of joys untold
The beauty of the green that glitters with gold

My shield enchants me with charms without word
Signaling, stop running, take note, be heard
My shield tells me enough is enough, its time to rewind
Its time to love animal, environment, humankind

My shield asks me, if not now when?
The moment is here, it may not come again
My shield cajoles me and teases me awake
Life is for living, experiences to make


ArtSparker said...

The sound of waves is like the sound of a great heart beating.

Jasmine said...

I think so too, I could listen to the crash and lull for hours.

SquirrelQueen said...

Your photos are very beautiful. I love the ocean so much, I wish we lived a little closer to the beaches.

Have a wonderful day,

Tammie Lee said...

sounds like you have a very good friend in you shield. Wonderful poem and images!