Thursday, 8 October 2009


Love is talent, the world love's metaphor.
Aflame, Octobers leaves adore the wind,
its urgent breath, whirl to their own death.
Not here, you're everywhere.

The evening sky
worships the ground, bears down, the land.
Yearns back in darkening hills. The night
is empathy, stars in its eyes for tears. Not here,

you're where I stand, hearing the sea, crazy
for the shore, seeing the moon ache and fret
for the earth. When morning comes, the sun, ardent,
covers the trees in gold, you walk

towards me,
out of the season, out of the light love reasons.

Carol Ann Duffy - UK Poet Laureate since 1/5/2009
To read more about Carol Ann Duffy and to hear her read this poem please click HERE.

Today is National Poetry Day. I love poetry. I love the moon. Carol Ann Duffy has skillfully merged both of these loves.

Tomorrow NASA will send a 'bomb laden missile to the moon'. Really. To read more about this lease click HERE.

I will be thinking of The Moon


Caio Fernandes said...

lovely verses , but i did like the image even more ... way more ...much more .( did i make clear that i liked the image ?)
thanks Jasmine !!

ArtSparker said...

I read about the moon project. It's a boy thing, maybe?

Tammie Lee said...

your photo, perfect
for this wonderful poem!
I had no idea there is a poetry day.
I love the moon too. I can not believe that there will be a bomb on a missile going to the moon. That is like taking a chance on setting life even more out of balance, or perhaps an attempt on destroying our emotional nature, or maybe a catastrophe with the divine moon. I am in shock. Thank you for telling us! xo

lynne h said...

jasmine, this photograph and poem say it all...

otin said...

The moon is getting bombed, and here I sit completely sober! Not fair! LOL

Ann Marie said...

I found your blog randomly, and I'm oh so glad I did. I too love the moon and poetry...and just about everything else on your blog! Will be visiting often...hope you don't mind.

Jasmine said...

Thank you Caio :) It is close up of a corner of a felt painting I've worked on for the weeks. Nearly finished. I'm taking it slowly so I can tap into the directions it seemingly wants to take me.

Susan - Maybe. But I do know many many moon gazing boys that would be devastated and angered at this news.

Tammie - its outrageous isn't it. I heard America owns the moon as they landed there first and claimed it... I still would have thought they wouldn't have the right to do something like this. Just when I think I am cynical something comes along that shocks me and reminds me I am naive.

Lynne - Thanks for alerting me to this story.

Otin - lets hope NASA don't know what they are doing. That the initiative doesn't get off the ground!

Andy Coffey said...

Wow. I found your blog through Jukka. I love your Blake poem. It is precisely the subject of an essay I wrote a few years ago called "Nightmares For Sawyers." Google it if your interested.
Look forward to visiting more. Thanks.

Delphyne said...

Thanks for the heads up on bombing the Moon. It leaves me speechless. It's as bad as that Cassini rocket going to Saturn - the same rocket as the Challenger, loaded with 72 lbs. of plutonium.

I think Tammie Lee has it - it's an attempt at destroying or controlling our emotional nature.

We have so much work to do....

dbradbury said...

I put a picture of your hands on my blog of faces and hands that I love. If you don't want it there, I will take it off.

LOVE your blog! You're wildly creative!

GreenWhisper said...

ah beautiful words! and cool photo :)

Jasmine said...

Anne Marie - lovely to see you here. I love your poem about the tree and aging.

Andy - I will look up your essay this week end. Thanks for visiting :)

Delphyne, you know more than me about this. I too agree with Tammie's connection between the tidal pull of the moon and emotions.

DB - Thank you, I don't know what to say. I don't think my hands are very pretty but your welcome to use the picture on your blog :) Its an interesting idea. Your own profile picture captures a heatrical feel. Amazing for just a hand :)

Thank you Greenwhisper. Enjoy our week end x

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Lovely poem ! She's very good!
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a nice comment♥
I wish I could write, but Andy Williams wrote the lyrics to that song I have listed, but isn't it pretty? Thanks again!

Jake said...

What the fuck ARE we doing bombing the moon?

I enjoyed the poem--but the more I hear about this and ponder our audacity--and on such sacred ground--and it's all sacred... Well, hell. I'm with your friend who lamented the fact that he's sober.

Jesus, what's next?

Jake said...

One more thing, Jas--

It was necessary to find a new blog title--so I made a few changes. If you're looking for me, I'm at

Must have confused the hell out of some of the folks who'd been reading.

The Scrybe said...

I enjoyed this post, thanks for the verses... Gah, that they're bombing the moon is ridiculous. Like what artsparker said: It's a boy thing, maybe?

gerdaYD said...

Glad you've visited me, so I found this marvellous blog. Wawwww, this is what it is: a thing of beauty is a joy for ever!

lettuce said...

I love carol ann duffy, but didn't know this one - how wonderful.

I saw a news report on the moon-bomb thing. for goodness sakes! I too couldn't help thinking its a boy thing

Brian Miller said...

very cool poem...i have recently found a love of their lines. crazy that we bombed the moon..i guess we have run out of things to screw up on our own planet? ach, happy saturday!

Assayya said...

not by chance, a few wonderful poetry bookd found me this week:))

great colours are hiding themselve in the white wool:))

lk moonwood said...

Hi Jasmine, Thanks for your comment - I'm really happy to meet you here in bloglandia. I like what you're doing, too: the photos, the writing, and the feltwork! (Too bad you're so far away - we have a little fiber arts group going here!) As for the Moon - you'd think they might come up with a less violent way to study its matter (and why do we REALLY need to know if it has ice crystals? I appreciate the curiosity, but just 'cuz you're curious about something doesn't mean you should blow it up...)
: ) lulu

Crafty Green Poet said...

I do enjoy Carol Ann Duffy's poetry, I think she'll do great things as poet laureate.

I think bombing the moon like this just shows the utter arrogance of the human race.

Athi said...

Hi Jasmine...its a nice feeling going through your blog.You r so talented & creative.Nice to meet you

velvetwoods said...

Lovely poem and pic,goes well nicely.

Jasmine said...

Hello Jake I am reading Crow Grins. I can't leave comments. Computer bug, cant leave comments for any blog with embedded comments instead of a separate or pop up page...
But I am reading and like what you write :)