Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Magic Carpet Ride (part 1)

Today I posted off the felt necklaces to my two One World One Heart give away winners. I have been very lucky on this magic carpet ride. I have had some wins, but most importantly I have discovered some inspirational blogs and made new friends. Too many to list here in one post so I have decided to do a sequence of posts introducing different types of blogs that I have met, such as textiles, fibre art, fine art, art dolls, jewelry, lamp work and more.

The beautiful Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise (my favourite stones) earrings that you can see in the picture above are a gift from Fiona of Tizduster whom you can see dressed as a pantomime baddie in the form of Beatrix the Sorceress in this stage picture. Click on the image to visit Fiona's blog.

I have also won one of the most desirable necklaces that I have seen in a very long time from Jackie of Silvelodge Gems (click on the picture to visit Jackie's blog).

Isn't it stunning! It is made from pink opal, onyx and a fossil pendant. Jackie's jewelry is so beautiful and she is also having a gigantic sale in her Internet shop right now so if you have any birthdays or anniversary presents to pick up Silverlodge Gems may be a good place to look.

I have also won a mystery prize that travel writer Carol of 'Where will you Journey to?', will buy for me on her next trip to Cambodia, I am so excited. When I was in Thailand I desperately wanted to cross the borders and visit Anka Wat but just did not have the time.

You can imagine how lucky I am feeling right now! I won some other delightful gifts too so I started to feel a little guilty for having all of this good fortune and not sharing it. I asked some of the blogs how they would feel about donating the items to Made4Aid? A couple of blogs agreed to this, aren't they wonderful!

Beth of Three trees Art makes lovely jewelry with words of affirmation and positive sentiments. She has agreed to donate this felt jewelry pouch that she made to made4aid. I am a huge fan of the Silver Birch, and I don't need to tell you my feelings for felt :) This wonderful pouch (or one like it) will be up for auction at Made4Aid in the next few weeks. I love it! Thank you Beth x

Amanda of Maygreen Fairies has also agreed to send her give away item to Made4Aid. It is a gorgeous Vintage Shabby Scented Sachet to line a lingerie draw. Such Luxury! I love the whimsical feel of the Victorian lady on the trapeze swing. This item will also be listed for auction at Made4Aid in the next couple of weeks.

It has been lovely getting to know Amanda over the past few days. I feel like I have met a kindred spirit. Amanda's art is full of magic that leaves you with a light heart. Amanda volunteers in her local Oxfam shop and organised a craft fair at her Oxfam shop with donated arts and crafts to raise money for Haiti.

One of the blogs that I have discovered on the carpet ride is the very inspiring Annette of 'The Hare Preservation Trust' in Scotland and 'Dragon House of Yuen'. Annette is very creative and her passion for wildlife and domestic animals shines through her art making it sparkle.

Another new friend that I am so glad to have met is Jules of 'Adventures in Thread'. Jules shares a love for the great outdoors, textiles and TREES. Jule's nature photography is wonderful and her knit work and embroidery is beautiful. Look at her hare below, isn't it stunning!

To finish this post I want to introduce you to a friend that I met before the OWOH carpet ride. Elizabeth Rimmer has a passion for poetry and the environment. Elizabeth has set up a new project called 'Luchair' where she hopes to bring artists, poets, and photographers together to celebrate nature and discuss how they each tackle environmental issues in their daily lives and in their creativity.

Elizabeth first noticed that the human race was living beyond its ecological means back in the Energy Crisis of the seventies and learned how not to handle the situation. Today, the mission of Luchair is to to find a new way of tackling the environmental issues we face, that won't involve playing off jobs against environment, the human against the wild, the rich against the poor. She hopes to find joy, community, insight as she goes and hopes that others will too.

Please visit Elizabeth at her Luchair Website, blog or at Burned Thumb. If you think you have something to contribute, please email Elizabeth. She will be happy to hear from you. You can find a link to Luchair on my sidebar.


Jasmine said...

Please note that this is a part 1 post. I have had more wins (lucky me!) and more inspirational logs to introduce you too. I have not forgotten the others xJ

MaygreenFairies said...

Ahhh thank you so much for the mention in this wonderful post! So glad to have met you. Will keep in touch. Hugs, Mandy x

Caio Fernandes said...

you're lucky and smart . always movimenting lots of things .

Fiona said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me and what a great post altogether. I will certainly take a trip to those other blogs you mention. There is so much out in the blogosphere to explore. Sounds like there is some exciting environmental stuff happening.

Jules said...

Jasmine, what a wonderful post. I feel very honoured to be mentioned amongst all these wonderful blogs and creative people, and look forward to visiting them all. Congratulations on your wins, and what a generous and kind idea to suggest donations to Made4Aid. Well done to all those kind bloggers who have agreed to contribute.

ArtSparker said...

A very rich post, how lovely that you shared your good fortune. That hare is just do die for.

Assayya said...

it was so much fun, visiting some of these wonderful blogs, althought i could just meet a few of them cause of my flu and bronchitis.
next year new chances and i will participate it then.
you was a lucky winner this year, the necklace is gorgeous:))

Ginga Squid said...

Ooooh - as you are on a winning streak you should go buy a lottery ticket too!

Manon Doyle said...

You are very lucky! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful gifts and artists!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

gosh you are winning a lot!

Shadow said...

you've just proved that giving results in getting. enjoy your gifts as those who receive yours surely will too!

Elizabeth M Rimmer said...

Thank you for the mention, Jasmine, and for including the logo. I have come across some wonderful blogs thanks to you!

joanne May said...

Hi Jasmine,
What wonderful treasures as give away gifts. Congratulations on your wins!:)
Your post is really lovely mentioning all these creative people on blogger.
I will stop by and visit their sites.
Have a special weekend.:)

GreenWhisper said...

and what a ride! great post your beautiful nature shines through as always. thanks for sharing the links.. lots of new explorations. trying to ease myself back into life at home! and enjoying catching up :)

traveller2006 said...

Lucky you to win so many prizes but generous too in donating them to other worthy causes.
thank you for linking to my blog, I will do the same for you.

tony said...

Great Post.Many Beautiful Things And Beautiful Places.Have A Fine Weekend.

Amelia said...

I too have discovered some great blogs and connections since starting a blog last year. There are some lovely things here. I am going to check out luchair, it is really inspiring to see what people are doing.

Thanks for sharing and I love Amanda's hare too! Going to pop over there too.


Sandra said...

thanks for your lovely story and the lovely links.
You've been very lucky, you have won wonderful things. I had never joined a blog give away before, and I was very lucky to win yours. :)

Liz.Blog said...

Great post. I love all of it from lapis to hare!

lettuce said...

this is a great post Jasmine - isn't blogging great? some beautiful things you have and the new friendships are so special

Healing Woman said...

I find the trees so very enchanting. Beautiful work!


Lyn and Annie said...

Thank you for an informative and interesting read. Love the felted trees too!

Melinda Cornish said...

owoh was a lot of fun wasnt it? I am glad I met you too!