Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Pictoral Consequence by Caio Fernandes

A few days ago my copy of Caio's new book arrived.  I love it.  The printing is high quality,  I can still smell the ink it is that fresh off the press.  It arrived quickly and is beautifully bound.  And the art inside?  That speaks for itself.  Caio Fernandes is a wonderful  and talented artist that needs no introductions here, most of you know him already and are familiar with Mein Welt.

Today, I received two paintings from Caio.  One for me, and one for the person that  I will be gifting this book to.  I had no idea that I would receive such generous gifts from dear Caio.  I knew he was going to send a dedication to insert inside the book, but not paintings fit to frame and take pride of place on the wall.  You have made me very happy Caio, I feel blessed.  Thank you!

Click on either of the pictures to visit the Blurb shop and preview Caio's book.  To see it is to want a copy.  Irresistable.


Now for a little of what I have been up to today.  Below is a nuno felted scarf inspired by the warm glow of the sun and its heartening rays.  Right now, that is something I can only see in my memories of bygone summers.  we have had hail today...

I will be listing this scarf in my new shop as soon as I get enough good natural light to take some pictures. 


Momo Luna said...

What a beautiful gift Caio send you. :-) And yes the book, i also wanna buy one, but i have to find out if you can pay in euro's as well.

The scarf looks wonderful, it makes me longing for long warm summer evenings. Thank you for let me dream about that, 'cause it's rather cold here now.

Sweet greetz for you!

Momo Luna said...

Oh and forgot to mention that i like your new header and i love the nothern angel you made for Caio, a lot!

Jasmine said...

Thank you Momo, that means a lot to me as your artwork is so inspiring xJ

Manon Doyle said...

Wow!!! What a beautiful gift from Caio!! He has a beautiful soul and so do you. ( I saw your gift to him)!

Caio Fernandes said...

the shop is a good idea , and have lots of wonderful things there .
this is a so light scarf ..... a delicated piece of art .
i am trying to avoid to show how trilled and explosively happy i am with this post , Jasmine !! hahah!!
thank you , i am glad everything arrived safe . and evem happier for the fact you liked it .
you made me feel good about everything . it is a pleasure !!
see you dear !!

Caio Fernandes said...

oh !! and sure :
thank you for YOUR gifts , your generous soul !!

Debrina said...

Wow Jasmine - how neat is that?? What a fantastic gift! The scarf, as I said before, is gorgeous and just so dreamy...
..and, I am going to go and find out what's going on with your Floozy request. As it is invitation only now (it wasn't when we first started it) - they might be the reason for teh hold up.

joanne May said...

You are so lucky Jasmine... These are beautiful gifts... Wow, 2 amazing paintings!:)
Caio is a very talented and kind man.
You deserve the extra pictures...
I have just seen the post with the lovely Angel of the North, you created for him.
I love your new creation too, so very delicate and light. Just stunning!:)

tony said...

I Love The Smell of Books (old&new)Until they invent computer-books that smell I will remain in the 20th Century!!!!
Great Art.

The Scrybe said...

Very nice!

Kate said...

Hi Jasmine,
Beautiful portrait that Caio sent to you. Just marvelous and simply stated.
Thanks for joining my blogspot, and when you have time, please check out my website of collage work at: acomawestcollage.com. It's wonderful to meet like-minded people and I will check back with you often. Kate (+:

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jasmine, What lovely gift you received. All your scarfs are truly beautiful. All the colors are wonderful and vibrant. You got hail we got snow. Lucky you. Where is Spring, I am sooooooo ready for it. I took a few weeks off from blogging and now I am catching up. Always great to visit you. Hugs Judy

Tinker said...

How generously thoughtful! Beautiful artwork.
I love your scarf - it makes me think of autumn leaves.

mcapriole said...

How wonderful that you have the book and paintngs by Caio. He is gifted and I sense that he is a good person with a beautiful soul. Enjoy your gifts!

Nicole Horn-Fakher said...

Hi Jasmine,
I just had a look on your blog. You made a lot of wonderful things. Especially your felt-works I admire. The scarf with the dots is very pretty too.

Best wishes

Eduardo Alvarado said...

Jasmine, thank you for show us the Caio´s gift!

These two paintings are amazing... as all Caio´s work!

Best wishes.

Jasmine said...

Thank you all for leaving comments about Caio's work. Caio is very talented, and a dear friend too.