Sunday, 23 August 2009

Because we all fall down

We all have grazed a knee
stubbed a toe
chipped a nail
We have all felt the need to hide

Lash out

It is so easy to blame ourself
Hate ourself
Wish to be
Anyone else

The grass is greener
The sun shines brighter
Everywhere else

Can we ever
Like ourselves?
Be good to
Be kind to
Or love ourselves?

Lets take back that black!


ArtSparker said...

Interesting that we were probably posting about the same time...Well, I'm not a Christian, but I do like the phrase "Love is patient" from you know where.

Jasmine said...
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Jasmine said...

I am not Christian either. Love is patient, and where it cannot be, it is forgiving. Blessed be.

Jenny said...

Good poem. We all have our weak moments, that is for sure. I think most of us sometimes degrade ourselves, instead of growing to our full potentials.

But still, I am happy with who I am. Personal strength sometimes arises in hard times. To say: "See, I am a survivor and I go my own way".

Encouragement is so essential. I have seen immensely talented people fade away because they lack self confidence. I think that everyone should feel proud of themselves.

velvetwoods said...

Yes it is so easy to hate ourselves and blame ourselves.languish through the pain like no one else has gone through it before but they have.Sometimes I hate myself for things I should have done or shouldn't done.Then I remember I'm a good person and it's OK to feel the way I I can let is patient and kindness to yourself is healing.If you were someone else you probably would wish you were someone you might as well be you.hmmm does that make sense.If you fall it is only temporary because your inner self will always be strong as long as you remember that..I try to remember that....You are so right we all have been grazed in some way.The main thing is to be kind to yourself and reach out.
Write beautiful heartfelt poems like this one.

Thank you Jasmine.

Jasmine said...

Thank you Susan, Jenny & Velvet Woods. You understand what I intended with this. I see so many people suffering, beating themselves up, thinking they must be terrible for having been dealt one of life's many blows. But they are all worthy, beautiful and loved. Sometimes we have to ride the rough tides to get to the calm shores.

I just wish I knew a more effective way to make everyone feel better, myself included x

Caio Fernandes said...

Jasmine Jasmine .... i spent one weekend out and lost 2 posts !!!
YOU are in fire lately !!!
this poem is wonderful . a real door for reflaxion and tender toughts
thank you !!!
it is good to read this !!
and the picture is very pretty !!

Jasmine said...

Thank you Caio :)