Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Circle of Friends Award

A few days ago Sharon of Wildflower House pleasantly surprised me with The Circle of Friends Award. It had been an exceptionally difficult week for me so the compliment was very well timed. Thank you Sharon.

Traditionally, I'm not very good at accepting compliments, but that is something I'm working on. Likewise, I'm particularly bad at following rules, I don't think that will ever change! So I was unsure how to respond to this award.

For a start I think I follow in the region of 90 blogs and display half of those on my blog roll, so narrowing down a list of 5 blogs to pass this award on to is nigh on impossible.

The events of the last few days has reminded me that I began blogging as a way of distracting attention away from stillbirth and the broken heart that accompanies baby loss. Along the way I have managed to channel these raw emotions into a creative energy and with the help and encouragement of the blogging community I have developed some skills, became inspired and learned new things. If I visit your blog and post comments then that is my way of saying thank you for the distractions, for sharing your knowledge, your art, your verse, the magic of your eyes and insightfulness of your mind. I appreciate you!

I am also aware that many of the blogs I follow have so many awards they do not know what to do with, they don't have the time to respond to awards, and/or they have chosen not to participate in award giving and receiving as wish to step away from facebook style tags.

For this reason I have chosen to respect the views of the bloggers that feel this way and have decided to respond to this compliment by passing on the compliment in a less formal way. I will be dedicating posts to the blog friends that have inspired the piece of art, prose, writing or photography that I am posting by way of introducing the blog to others and showing thanks for the work they produce and the support they lend. The posts will be delivered randomly in tune with the inspirational prompts and direction the blogger has lent me and not in order of favouritism or appreciation.

This way, no one feels they have to reciprocate if they do not wish to and I shan't be offended if they don't. For those that like awards, consider any posts I dedicate to you as the Circle of Friends Award. This way I get to acknowledge and thank as many blogs as I choose.

Sharon, I hope you don't mind my customising the award? Please visit Sharon at Wildflower House.


Sharon said...

Jasmine, I think that is a great idea. I only wish that I had thought of it. I shall have to give that a try in the future. Take care, Sharon

ArtSparker said...

Wow, what a gracious post. I continue to be impressed with your skills of all kinds.

Ariel. said...

dear Jasmine, after reading this I just have to say thank you for being part of the list of blogs you follow. I feel very sorry for your loss and think you're being very brave, dealing with this challenge in such a constructive way. keep going my friend, you are not alone. may your path be blessed!