Friday, 21 August 2009


Last night Manya of Mythcolour posted about the destructive fire on a piece of land near her home. The land was home to a diversity of wildlife and sounds like a natural temple. The land is also a proposed land fill site.

In my time I have seen or heard of many listed buildings, sites of beauty and places attached to the strings of many hearts being snatched away and destroyed in the names of progress and development. Tactics to achieve this 'progress' and 'development' are often dirty and at times crimes against the laws of the land as well as nature, people and environment. Corruption stinks!

The photo's above are a visual testimony to what will, can and often does happen to further the will, greed and design of the minority. The pictures are not my own and the story is not isolated. If you are interested in the history and/or seeing more pictures of this once magnificent pier please click here. To see the starlings of the West Pier please click here.

But this pier, is an old story, its woeful demise happened a few years ago. The destruction of the natural habitat near Manya's home is happening right now. Please visit Manya to hear her story, lend support and if possible offer practical suggestions on how to save this strip of land from its imminent fate.

Please help.


yvette said...

Ho sweet of you to mention Manya...I was there last night and it i so terrible!


Assayya said...

when i saw the first picture i knew, i have been there twenty years ago.
i walked on that pier in brigthon
such a pity that fire is so destructive:))

ArtSparker said...

I read the story, which is of course dreadful, just not sure of what practical suggestion to offer. Here in the States we have the Nature Conservancy, a private organization which buys privately owned land to preserve it from development. The truth is that the earth has trouble accommodating the human population.

Ande said...

Oh, this is horrible! I know a lot about the wildfires in California and how destructive they can be on the wildlife. There should be some sort of useful volunteer organization who should be able to help out when authorities is helpless.

I lived in Brighton for half a year and loved this pier. It was a beauty :/

Caio Fernandes said...

here we have exactly the same problem , in name of progress and profit , all coruption has destroyed the life . every day in many spots .
i am going to see Manya's blog later. thank you for tell about .
and say to Paul i apreciate his words about the works .
thank you for all Jasmine !!

Tammie Lee said...

This is quite sad and infuriating. There are ways to walk in harmony with ones planet, I wish this were the goal.

Jasmine said...

Manya, I have just read some news report. Sending you all my love. Let me know if there is any way I can help at all xxx

Lettuce said...

I was in Brighton in July and took quite a few pics. of the remainders of the pier.

the fire in greece (as in Australia) is truly frightening and awful