Monday, 24 August 2009

Greek Fire Tragedy

Fire has tragically swept through parts of mainland Greece displacing, communities and wildlife. The extent of the damage is yet unknown.

I wish I could help in some way, any way, yet anything I can do is just a drop in the ocean.

I would like to do some kind of fund raiser to help. I don't know how to go about this or where to send the money, gifts whatever is decided upon. So for now, I will make felt. I may set up some etsy shop to auction the work to help our fellow beings. The practicalities of this supportive gesture need to be ironed out.

Would anyone be willing to donate a piece of art, craft, gift for this purpose? Anyone willing to help please contact me or leave a comment.

All suggestions welcome.

Manya, if you are able to read this please let me know if there is a current Aid Relief that you would recommend we send our crafts/arts/donations to.

Sending love, thoughts and well wishes to all affected by this tragedy.


ArtSparker said...

This follows the fires in Australia of several months ago. My guess is that relief/donation efforts will be up within days - that is, it may not be necessary for you personally to set something up. A felt-centric store on Etsy would be another possibility - that is, I have donated something to a charity, Made for Aid, that auctions various items, but my opinion is that focus may work better, expecially for drawing people to the store.

Jasmine said...

I didn't mean that I would be setting up a charity, just that I really want to help and feel quite powerless to do anything constructive. I did look at made4aid to see if they have changed the focus of their donations to benefit Greece but it seems not. I like the whole ethos of made4aid.

If I could make something that could be auctioned to help Manya's region in the aftermath of this horrific tragedy I would feel like I had at least tried. But I know it is but a drop in the ocean.

I don't know if this fire was a natural disaster or foul play or a combination of both but the possibility that it was foul play angers me so much I feel I need to do something to help.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

Caio Fernandes said...

for good man to do nothing ....
it breaks me down .
i wish i could rally do something . here we have the same problems with our forests all over the year . and all i tried helped in nothing .
i try to think in alternatives , but i think i am geting too exausted and hopeless .
sorry sorry sorry Jasmine .( with shame i say ) i can't do nothing now .

Jasmine said...

Caio - Thats ok. I did not mean that if people do not help out here they are bad.. More that this situation has struck a chord with me. I feel injustice, loss of nature, I need to do something but I don't really know how. I know these injustices happen all over the world and as individuals we can't commit to them all.

I don't always express myself very well.

Manya Maratou said...

jasmine! it is a wonderful idea and I have acted upon it already
so this is my proposal:
a move like this should be backed by a serious organisation, people we can trust not to take advantage
so i proposed to the folklore museum where I do creative activities with schools that we create an exhibition of donated art to be sold and the proceeds would go to reforestation for the whole area
they are very environmentally minded, based in the area, and very active in all aspects of the community and the land. you can see a bit of what they do at ilmb dot gr

Manya Maratou said...

I sent the previous one so that it would be saved
so, practically, what we can do is make a call to textile and fabric people on the internet to send (donate)a work, anything that could be sold
the museum people will do the logistical part, they offer the space for the exhibition, which would mean that people will be invited to visit the area, they can set up before- after photos, and we can think up things to do like a concert, storytelling, storywalks with an environmental side
and when we get to the planting, children will help, name the trees and take care of them
they have good publicity connections, and the plea can go out through the net and through the national press

Jasmine said...

That is wonderful Manya. I have been working on the felt piece this afternoon. I think one more day should complete it so if you give me an address I will post it on.

I have also posted a request for help on the felting forum. Feedback is that there is a willingness to donate a piece of work but not the time to organise fund raising. So on that note, if you have a trusted body that we can send art to then that makes giving support so much easier.

Love and light. Stay brave x

Manya Maratou said...

if you are interested in this idea, that we could do it together, why don't you contact me at manyamaratou at yahoo dot co dot uk so that we can do an organising chat

Jasmine said...

Manya i will help out however i can. I am just putting little one to bed then will email you xx

velvetwoods said...

I would be happy to donate any one of my photographic art work.
let me know Jasmine.

Jasmine said...

Velvet Woods - That is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Either myself, Manya or both of us will be posting details of how to donate when it has all been arranged. Manya tells me that there will be press releases too.

Thank you x

ruthie said...

Jasmine - i too would like to donate a piece of my art work if it can help at all x x

Jasmine said...

Ruthie - That is so kind. Your work is beautiful, I'm sure it will help a lot. xx

Lettuce said...

hi jasmine - ArtSparker sent me your way, its great what you are doing.
At the moment made4aid is raising money for Darfur, and as its early days I'm not sure we want to change focus yet.

But I'd be happy to contribute one of my knitted felted bags to your project - let me know how you are going to do this.

Jasmine said...

Thank you so much Lettuce. Made4aid is such a lovely project, is it your project? I will have to make something for made4aid too, it may take a while, I am focusing on Greece right now.

As soon as the details of where donations will are to be sent to are passed my way I will post a notice and email all of the individuals who have kindly offered to help.

Thank you everybody x

Made 4 Aid said...

just checking back - let me know when you have an address for mailing items, you can email me at