Tuesday, 1 September 2009


This is a draft necklace that I have been thinking about making for some time. A while ago, Sharon of Wildflower House gave me a circle of friends award. I chose not to pass the award on in the traditional sense but instead I would dedicate posts to my sources of creative inspiration. My biggest felting inspiration has to be Yvette of Felting Your Soul. Her work is beautiful and her creative advice has been invaluable. I made this necklace with Yvette in mind. Thank you Yvette :)

The theme is magical accessories. Amulets, shamanic head dresses, wands and staffs. I'm playing with the idea of jewelry fit for a priestess, a hedge witch, a muse... The oak symbolises natural magic, fae, protection and good health. The berries represent juniper. Folklore tells that
"if you carry three juniper berries in your pocket you can travel the forest without fear, drink from the springs without harm, and ride the wind." The idea of tusks was borrowed from shamanic witch doctor necklaces. Felt tusks are kinder than the real deal! I incorporated the tusks to represent the horn of plenty. I used three to symbolise Awen, inspiration.

I am still developing this idea and will felt more on this theme. How do you imagine the jewelry of a pagan hedge witch, a druid priestess, a muse?


The Scrybe said...

I like this, it made me think of dreamcatchers, and I also find the symbolism interesting...

ArtSparker said...

You will also love the sequel to Mythago Wood, Lavondyss - this necklace makes me think of that book.

Tammie Lee said...

this feels full of a mix of sweet earth and human magic! Lovely to look at too.

yvette said...

Jasmine, I don't believe my eye's...what a wonderful gift...you don't know how much you please me with this!
All the symbols......they are mine!
Isn't it a good idea if I make you one back and at the same time one for some other felter so at the end we have lots of this and give them to mythcolor?????

just an idea pops up in my mind

i'm so happy with it it's so beautiful and with love!


Jenny said...

Hi Jasmine,

Folklore is so fascinating. I think it was Rollo May who said that the only truths are those from fairytales and myths. I like this thought. I do not believe that there are any absolute truths, but I do believe that there are enigmas beyond our understanding. We can feel these in nature, but not really explain them in an intellectual way. We approach this enigma when we use our creativity, I think.

Art4Sol said...

I love your new design for a necklace....much thought behind it. It's a wonderful piece.
I found a few other key words associated with juniper..."confidence, protection, initiative,ingenuity....herb of Mercury."

Jasmine said...

Scrybe - Dream catchers, what a wonderful idea. I'm making so many birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family right now I've been pushed for ideas. I will experiment with the dream catcher theme. Thanks!

If you like herb and tree lore these two websites explain this magic...



Artsparker - These books are on my wish list. They have given you so much creative inspiration and have unlocked your personal magic!

Tammie - Thank you :) x

Yvette - thank you. I'm glad you like it. I wanted to make a necklace of this sort just for you for a while. I only just got some felting needles and this is my first attempt so it has taken longer to dedicate a post o you than I would have liked. I will email you x

Jenny - I agree. I think it is a human failing to constantly try to remove the mystery and the enigmas of life but it is also a human strength to revive story telling and remember lore.

Art4sol - Thank you :) Your post have helped me complete this piece. To fuse the shaman and the goddess harmoniously. Although the tusks are a bit over sized to make this necklace practical for regular wear. It is just a first draft. I love your birdcatcher dolls!

NUISHU said...

what an inspiring blog! good ideas over here :)

Caio Fernandes said...

i am fascinated by this ... beautifull and magic . every ( not ordinary ) girl should have une of this .

Assayya said...

this necklace is so wonderfull.
i love the symbolic behind it:))

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is a lovely necklace and i like the symbolism to it.

velvetwoods said...

I love this ! I like your magical theme. I often envision getting married under an oak tree as it also embodies great strength,wisdom and success.

I also like the idea of dedicating posts to your sources of creative inspiration.
Good karma !