Tuesday, 15 September 2009

CJ Stitching & Blooms

The very generous Judy of CJ Stitching and Blooms had a 3rd blogoversary giveaway and I was a winner. This is a week of smiles for me :)

The prize is a polymer clay face and a dragonfly pendant. What a thoughtful giveaway, something that can be used to make something else. A creative prompt. Thank you Judy x

If I could have chosen which of the 3 giveaways I would most like to receive, this would have been the one I would choose. This win also coincides with my first Etsy purchase. I bought one of Sara Lechner's tutorials "Watercoloring" on felt. For those of you who are no familiar with Sara Lechner's work all I can say is that she is a creative genius. Her work is kind to the eyes and leaves you wanting to see so much more. Sara Lechner creates the most beautiful textile art which often tells a tale and has figures stitched onto it with the most mesmorising faces. I hope to learn some techniques from the tutorial which I can then in turn use to incorporate Judy's beautiful polymer clay face into a piece of felt art. Wish me luck!

If you are interested in seeing more of Judy's wonderful creations please visit her at CJ Stitching & Blooms'.

If you would like to see Sara Lechner's work please visit 'The Fabric of Meditation', 'Whatiffing Around' and her most current blog 'Tales from beyond the glimpse'.

Thank you Judy xx


ArtSparker said...

A chain of creativity - delightful.

Assayya said...

reminds me on how much polymer clay is waiting for me to play with.
tomorrow i will visit the site.
now i will tumbel in my bed, goodnight and have sweet dreams:))

Poetic Artist said...

Congrats...Thanks for sharing her site.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jasmine, How sweet of you to post about winning my give away. Thanks sooo much. BTW I just sent off your pressie today Gobal Priority Mail soooooooooooooooooooo I am hoping it reaches you quickly. Big Hugs Judy

velvetwoods said...

Hey congrats ! and good luck.

Brian Miller said...

you are just full of smiles.

Art4Sol said...

Oh, keep us posted on your tutorial project...it will be interesting to see what you do!
Judy is such a sweetie!

Tammie Lee said...

Such a wonderful gift you have won. I have peaked in on Sara for a couple of years now. She is amazingly whimsical with her art. Treasures upon treasures. It will be fun to see what else Judy does.