Monday, 14 September 2009

Many Smiles and Blessings :)

Today I feel very blessed indeed.
I received some wonderful gifts from a beautiful friend who intended to make me smile.
I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Ruthie your thoughtfulness, your tender gestures and beautiful presentation are so touching. I know that no matter what life deals us, there is always magic, wonder, and surprise.
There is no better way to begin a week!

Thank you x x x

Please visit Ruthie's wonderful blogs 'A fairytale of Inspiration' and '5 precious things'.


Trée said...

The greatest gifts are made with the heart, educating fingers. From these pics I'd say you are indeed blessed. I could fall in love with that tree. Wow!

ArtSparker said...

A greeting from a friend is the best way to start the week. What a lovely surprise!

Assayya said...

great gifts, i love the shells
this week made a lovely start for me too.
in the mail was a gift from a friend: a little autumn-fairy:))

ruthie said...

dear jasmine, you are so very welcome x x hugs ruthie x x

aleph said...

The tree is so beautifully rooted, and the gifts so full of love, magic and delicacy... thank you for sharing them.

The Scrybe said...


Brian Miller said...

thats awesome...and smiles are a great thing to share. saw a new name on the Theme Thursday website, thought i would drop by early to check out your blog. see you then!

velvetwoods said...

Jasmine, that is indeed a great gift.
Ruthie is a wonderful friend.
It made me smile.