Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blessing from afar

This morning I received a package from my best friend and fairy godmother to my daughter. The package contained a packet of peppermint tea, a kitten teddy with wings (made exclusively for IFAW), some elderberry capsules and some nettle and peppermint tea. How lovely!

The package was a response to a long self pitying telephone conversation I had with her yesterday about the plights of swine flu (I wrote a post yesterday about how me and my family have swine flu yesterday but decided to delete it later).

One of the herbal teas is my favourite brands which I find difficult to get where I live as more and more of the health shops close down and I find myself limited to Holland and Barratts whom I believe have been taken over by Coca Cola? Anyway I particularly like this brand of herbal tea because it not only uses organic unbleached materials for ingredients and packaging but identifies on the packet that the worker behind the label is treated fairly too.

The elderberry flower capsules have the following text written on the back of the label:

The Elderberry tres were believed to bring good luck and protection from disease and evil in ancient times. An elderberry tree was planted outside of Westminister Abbey due to this ancient belief.

The package was followed by a text message wishing us healing thoughts and advising that a herbalist friend of ours is making a tincture for me and will post it when it is ready.

I love my friends, they are so thoughtful and know just how to make me smile. Thank you xx


Caio Fernandes said...

sorry by the flu , and this package looks like a deicious .at least for my eyes . i drink 10 cups of tea a day ....
hope you and your familie get better soon . very very soon .
bless you !!!

Jasmine said...

Thank you. We are on the mend but it feels like a slow process. Today is my first day of clear thinking so i have been washing sheeps wool in the garden and ordering felt making books eager to get active again.

Your picture has had a flurry of response. Quite a success!

ruthie said...

so sorry to hear you had the flu, not good. sending hugs & healing. the world is a better place with friends in it like your wonderful precious friend isnt it. I dont know if i like the idea of holland & barrat being taken over by coca cola, doesn't sound right at all!

Jasmine said...

Thanks Ruthie,

I'm not sure if Coca Cola have taken over Holland and Barratts or not, but if you click on the name in the text written in purple there is a page that answers the question there. I couldn't get my head around the answer, fever! I do know tat when I was a student in Portsmouth many years ago Holland & Barratts had a sop at either end of the high st (which was very short). Theshop closest to the uni was next to a body building shop that sold all of he supplements etc, so that shop sold everything at half price for around a year until eventually the body building shop closed down and then the rices all went back up to full price. The shop at the other end of the street always sold things at full price unless they had a particular offer on that all of the stores had on. I didn't like that much.

If you click on Coca Cola you will see a weblink discussing a Mark Thomas documentary about Coca Cola.

I'm feeling much better today, thank you :)

yvette said...

i like to imagine how you smile above a cup of herbal tea....

Anwarünya said...

great gifts usually come in small packeges:))

ruthie said...

thanks jasmine for the info, i shall have to look into it more!