Sunday, 26 July 2009

Nesting season at The Farne Isles

Air raid attack with a rattle clack-clack
Dive bombing Terns on maternal crack
Flapping hands, scuttling feet
Running for cover from the pointy beak

Nesting Terns under feet
Cache of eggs, indiscreet
Quickly pass by, run and hide
Best not tinker with mother's pride

Feeling overpowered by hormonal souse
Seeking refuge by an old light house
Safe at last, exhale and sigh
Sun beats down from a cloud free sky

Puffin mysteriously weaving about
Up and down from burrows,bustling in and out
Grey Seal beaching or bobbing along
To the whoosh and the swish of the ocean song

Igneous rock yielding natures display
The Farne Isles breeding seasons finest array
Puffin, Guillemot, Razorbill and Shag
Gracefully adorning these crags


Caio Fernandes said...

loved this post Jasmine , everything on it .
thanks .

ArtSparker said...

Nice rhythmic thing going on - it's lilting and fun (although I'm not quite sold on "these here crags"). Do you know this:

The common cormorant or shag
Lays eggs inside a paper bag,
The reason you will see no doubt
It is to keep the lightning out.
But what these unobservant birds
Have never noticed is that herds
Of wandering bears may come with buns
And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

Jasmine said...

Artsparker - Thanks for the poem Susan, who wrote it? I love it! Will work on the ending for my poem above. I may play with it and revise it. Thanks.

Caio - Tank you. You are always kind with your comments.

Assayya said...

this is one of your spirit animals, isn't it:))

Jasmine said...

Assaya - Yes, Puffin has been a spirit guide to me lately :))

Jasmine said...
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ArtSparker said...

Jasmine -
It's anonymous, as so much of the best doggerel is, as far as I know.