Saturday, 18 July 2009

Gaywool experiments

Here are the results of a productive dye pot day. The second red to the left is the original 'crab apple', the yellow is 'daisy', the blue, is the bush range 'iceberg', and the second green tho the right is the bush range 'oak'. The extreme right is an attempt at purple using 2 parts blue one part red. The blue is not strong enough to act as a primary colour against the crab apple red, however I have a deeper shade of red and since red is my favourite colour all is not lost. The orange is equal parts crab apple and daisy. The 3rd green to the right is equal parts oak and daisy. Its a nice colour but I am little disappointed as the coloured water in the dye pot was the most magnificent peacock green you could hope for. On the bright side, I will get more use out of this shade than peacock green for the project I have in mind. The colour to the far right is 2 parts oak to one part daisy. I wanted a gentler shade than the oak to give me a good palate of colours to work from. I really like the result, reminds me of moss and lichen, which is exactly what I am going to need it for!

If you add this range of colours to the natural colours in the post below, I have a lot of colours to work with now.

Now I'm off to the craft shop to buy some foam and feltng needles, an then to the everything shop for bamboo blinds to roll with :o)


ArtSparker said...

What a wonderful rainbow! I am looking very much looking forward to your process - details,, please.

Totalfeckineejit said...

They are great colours for sure, but how do you know the wool is gay? :)Does it depend on the orientation of the donor sheep?

Jasmine said...

TFE - Quite possibly the world has many unsolved mysteries!