Wednesday, 29 July 2009

More felt

Here is my 2nd attempt at making a felt bag.

The strap was the trickiest piece to make. I have not made anything so long before. I was anxious it would not be strong enough, but it is very strong.

The colours are all natural from a variety of rare breed sheep with the exception of the blue which I added to compliment the natural colours.

This is my 4th attempt at making felt, the 1st was the feet felt, the 2nd was the felt frame, then the resist bag and now this. With the exception of the felt frame, I feel each project is a little more successful than the last. I am learning a lot through trial and error.

I think I will give this bag as a gift to someone who has been a lifeline to me through some very difficult times. I made it with her in mind.


ruthie said...

jasmine, i a loving your felting experiments. i would love to have a go one day! the bag is beautiful and i really loved the bracelet idea too x

Caio Fernandes said...

it is very cool .
today my sister came here to visit me and i am showing your blog . she got realy exited with the first post : oh i want to try ! i want to try !!!!
then she saw all the other posts and wish to do all that too . so you know . she is going to do nothing .
she is here by my side telling me to do not say anything bad about her . and that you are lovely . she is going to visit your blog when she arrive at her home . her name is Roberta . but don't forguet . i am your real fan . she is just a turist .

Jasmine said...

Ruthie - Beware, felting is highly addictive! But rewarding too xx

Caio - you made me laugh, I love fond sibling rivalry. Banter! I look forward to your sisters visit. I am your fan too!

T said...

I love your bag Jasmine, it is much better than my first attempts at felt. I also taught myself how to felt from books and had some real disasters. I only made flat things for a year or so before I ever attempted to use a resist. My first attempts were hats. These hats were very ordinary, and that is why I do not make hats anymore. You are right, it is addictive, but it is also meditative work.

ArtSparker said...

I see you are wearing a very beautiful bracelet in your photo. What a lovely gift to make for your friend - you are advancing in this medium by leaps and bounds.

Tammie Lee said...

such a wonderful bag, the shape and the splash of wonderful blue mixed with naturals!


Manya Maratou said...

yes! lovely bag- courageous strap! well done

Jasmine said...

T - Thank you your encouragement :) Felting is meditative x

Susan - Thank you! Glad you like the bracelet x

Tammie & Manya - Tank you too. Its always a pleasure to have you stop by my blog xx

ruthie said...

ooh, i am already addicted to far too many crafty things!! thank you for your lovely comments re "the loveliest girl in the world.." it has been made into a book, sadly it is not available to us here (sob, i would have so loved a copy). What a rewarding & heartwrenching job you have. both mr O & I have worked within the care sector for a good while, he runs a drug & alchohol rehab retreat out here in this peaceful part of the world and i with a childrens befriending project. ( art therapy is my interest now!) such hurting folks we come across in our worlds, how wonderful it would be to mend them all x have a wonderful day x x

Assayya said...

i love that misty blue:))